Performed on May 8th, 2015 at IMAGINA.

"There exists love , will, sounds and movement in this vast room. We are deeply connected."

The performance concerns reflections on the challenges, conflicts, potentials, aspirations, importance and impact of being both a citizen of the world while remaining close to our roots.  A spoken word session which includes poetry, movement, singing, making sounds and rhythm.

Who am we? Who am we? Who am we?
Our mother and our father were on their honeymoon, they made us there.. we were very expected.
2 of our older brothers died too early, and all our aunts and uncles were waiting.
We were the first child on our mothers side: We were already then born into a big family.

We Remember: We were acting wild. We were running as we were born, into this wild world.
Texas, Texas, Texas.
We did not know. We were back home, close to the waters and the mountains.
We had a wall in front of us, and we started to climb.

We remember they used to speak a strange language,
and when we arrived it was gone again…
Was it a dream..? Buorre beavvi, Ipmil ætti.
The sun, The day, The good, The God, gives, hopefully.

We remember singing songs, we remember our grandfather telling us stories from the forest.
He died way too early. In a dream he came home to visit us.
The moss grew on his body.
He was calling us.

We remember staying at the summer farm, milking the goats with our aunt.
A drunk man from the mountain used to visit us. He had a strange hat with many colors, and we were hiding in the hall of the smallest cottage we know.
It burned down, so did our grandmothers house.

We remember cross country skiing and our aunt Elida. She was so good to us all, so good.
It was a gift, and we carry that with us everywhere. We remember snow scooters. We remember moonshine. We remember being tough. We were strong.
We remember traveling alone.

They came to us, we were 14. Afrika, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia, South America… from all the continents. They came to us with their music, their poetry, their dance, their traditions.
The came. They were similar to us, and we got to know the world.
Our home was a meeting spot, a melting pot.

We were the People of the sea. We got to know. Before we did not know.
Some did not see us as their equals. Then it started to change, still it is changing.
And here we are. We came from a small society, we could count them all, we knew them all,
and the world came to us. Still it is a small society. We bring that with us.

Our grandmother and our mothers family speaks a language we did not get to know, as they did,
We never will. 
Our father do not speak the language much.
We never met our fathers father. 

We lost the language, It got lost long before we came to texas.
But we got the feeling of being alive, close to the world, to our stories.
Who am we? From a northern place, but we feel home everywhere.
The world is our home.

They are talking. They wanna say something. They are still talking. Why are they talking?
What are they saying? Why? They say We got to see behind.
Knocking on that deadly door, yellow and blue. Touch that earth. The old and new.
Let fire and air take the water away.

At the end of the day let´s make a small stone. A precious one with our clay, with our bodies.
You and we, You and we, You and we. We must never use a language as a weapon. 
You say we do not understand you. Well all we can say is: You don´t understand us either. 
And who cares, who cares. Do we have to understand everything?

We are no less than you are. We are creatures of the world. We want to share.
We are no less than you are. Let´s talk about love, Let´s talk about relationships to each other, to our family and friends, to the creatures and creations. Let´s talk about Relationships, relations In relation to everybody and everything. 

Communication, to communicate, to be a commuter. We want to communicate, to share to be free in all our abilities, in mind, movement and speech, in space, time and dream.
Share. It is a treasure there. We can share, If you dare.
Create a strong sensation. Recognizing. 

We are ourself, we are A citizen of the world!
They can say what they wanna say.. We don´t need dark masses, dark dough. dark minds, dark ways. Dark vessels go away, we pray for the sun to stay.
We travel the world. We have a big family. We feel more home that way..


Remember Don´t forget to play!

By Marita Isobel Solberg 2015